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New music for August 18, 2017:

"Hitman's Bodyguard" by Atli Orvarsson

"Broken Wing" by Atli Orvarsson

"Original Score Medley" by David Holmes

New music for August 11, 2017:

"Creation" by Benjamin Wallfisch

"Your Soul" by Benjamin Wallfisch

"Rich City Folk" by Joel P. West

New music for August 4, 2017:

"I Kill With My Heart" by Tom Holkenborg

"Collateral Damage" by Tom Holkenborg

"Snow Wolf" by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

New music for July 28, 2017:

"Demonstration" by Tyler Bates

"Finding the UHF Device" by Tyler Bates

"Emoji" by Patrick Doyle

"Delete and Rescue" by Patrick Doyle

New music for July 21, 2017:

"The Mole" by Hans Zimmer

"Home" by Hans Zimmer

"Starship Chase" by Alexandre Desplat

"The City of 1000 Planets" by Alexandre Desplat

New music for July 14, 2017:

"Exodus Wounds" by Michael Giacchino

"Don't Luca Now" by Michael Giacchino

"Investigate" by tomandandy

New music for July 7, 2017:

"The World is Changing" by Michael Giacchino

"Vulture Clash" by Michael Giacchino

New music for June 30, 2017:

"Morning Papers" by Heitor Pereira

"Sneaking" by Heitor Pereira

New music for June 23, 2017:

"Merlin's Staff" by Steve Jablonsky

"We Have to Go" Steve Jablonsky

"When All Your Friends Are Gone/Crash" by Randy Newman

"Victory Lane" by Randy Newman

"Overture" by Michael Giacchino

"Susan for Justice" by Michael Giacchino

New music for June 9, 2017:

"The Mummy" by Brian Tyler

"A Sense of Adventure" by Brian Tyler

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