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New Music for April 12, 2019:

“You Call Us Monsters” by Benjamin Wallfisch

“This Isn’t You” by Benjamin Wallfisch

“Westword Ho” by Carter Burwell

“No One Will Remember Your Name” by Carter Burwell

New Music for April 5, 2019:

“SHAZAM!” by Benjamin Wallfisch

“You Might Need it More Than Me” by Benjamin Wallfisch

“Exalted Cyclops” by Marcelo Zarvos

“The Best of Enemies” by Marcelo Zarvos

“But the Cat Has No Hat” by Christopher Young

“Echo Angels” by Christopher Young

New Music for March 29, 2019:

“Stampede!” by Danny Elfman

“Medici Circus/Miracles Can Happen” by Danny Elfman

“Studio Safari” by Rolfe Kent

“The Last Show” by Rolfe Kent

New Music for March 22, 2019:

“Home Invasion” by Michael Abels

“Finale” by Michael Abels

“Make it 48 Degrees” by Volker Bertelmann

New Music for March 15, 2019:

“Mulligan Chase” by Rob Simonsen

“The Phoenix Rises” by Rob Simonsen

“Entering Wonderland” by Steven Price

“I Got This Greta” by Steven Price

“Hide and Seek” by Brian Tyler & Breton Vivian

“Snow Angel” by Brian Tyler & Breton Vivian

New Music for March 8, 2019:

“Hot Pursuit” by Pinar Toprak

“I’m All Fired Up” by Pinar Toprak

New Music for March 1, 2019:

“Pictures” by Javier Navarrebe

“Liberation” by Javier Navarrebe

“Watching” by Martin Phipps

“Zero Hour” by Martin Phipps

New Music for February 22, 2019:

“Toothless: Smitten” by John Powell

“The Hidden World” by John Powell

“Meet the Knights” by Vik Sharma

“Beach Drill” by Vik Sharma

New Music for February 15, 2019:

“I Don’t Even Know My Own Name” by Tom Holkenborg

“In the Clouds” by Tom Holkenborg

“Monday the 18th Again” by Bear McCreary

“Solving Equations” by Bear McCreary

“Beach Walk” by John Debney

“It was Me All Along” by John Debney

New Music for February 8, 2019:


“Rexcelsior Tour/Crack the Warp Drive” by Mark Mothersbaugh

“The Fight Continues” by Mark Marthersbaugh

“The Prodigy” by Joseph Bishara

“Induced Accident” by Joseph Bishara

“It Just Did” by George Fenton & Dan Carey

“Closing In” by George Fenton & Dan Carey

“Rooftops” by Brian Tyler

“Drivin’” by Brian Tyler

New Music for February 1, 2019:

“Recovery” by Joseph Trapanese

“Try” by Joseph Trapanese

“Crossing the Border” by Alex Heffes

“Finding Suzu” by Alex Heffes

New Music for January 25, 2019:

“Arthur’s Theme” by Electric Wave Bureau

“Who Will Join Us” by Electric Wave Bureau

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