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UPDATE: And we are back up and streaming with :07 left to spare. Thank you again for your patience. -matt

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New Music for June 15, 2018:

"Searching for Screenslaver" by Michael Giacchino

"Elastigirl's Got a Plane to Catch" by Michael Giacchino

"The Lost Kingdom of the Moors" by Roque Banos

"The Knight of the Mirrors" by Roque Banos

"Carpe Diem" by Jorge Gomez and Pitbull

New Music for June 8, 2018:

"Deborah Ocean" by Daniel Pemberton

"The Actual Heist" by Daniel Pemberton

"Mothers & Daughters" by Colin Stetson

"Peter" by Colin Stetson

"Respect Your Elders" by Cliff Martinez

"Don't Cross My Line" by Cliff Martinez

"Child Psychology" by Jonathan Kirkscey

New Music for June 1, 2018:

"Opening" by Volker Bertermann aka Hauschka

"Salvation" by Volker Bertermann aka Hauschka

"The Reprimand" by Jed Palmer

"Analog vs. Digital" by Jed Palmer

"The Terrible News" by Roque Banos

"Victory" by Rogue Banos

New Music for May 25, 2018:

"The Adventures of Han" by John Williams

"Mine Mission" by John Powell

"Savareen Standoff" by John Powell

"The Book" by Amelia Warner

New Music for May 18, 2018:

"Mutant Convoy" by Tyler Bates

"The Orphanage" by Tyler Bates

New Music for May 11, 2018:

"Goon Chase" by Johnny Klimek & Gabriel Mounsey

"Duncan is Back" by Johnny Klimek & Gabriel Mounsey

"Quitting School" by Fil Eisler

New Music for May 4, 2018:

"I Don't Belong With You" by Lyle Workman

"Legend of Catalina" by Lyle Workman

"Lamp Post" by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

"Name of that Guy" by Joseph LuDuca

"Goodbye" by Patrick Doyle

"Stubby the Hero" by Patrick Doyle

New Music for April 27, 2018:

"He Won't Come Out" by Alan Silvestri

"Help Arrives" by Alan Silvestri

"What More Could I Lose?" by Alan Silvestri

New Music for April 20, 2018:

"I Feel Pretty" by Michael Andrews

"Wish Transformation" by Michael Andrews

New Music for April 13, 2018:

"Calm" by Andrew Lockington

"Rampage" by Andrew Lockington

"Break Olivia's Hand" by Matthew Margeson

"Return to Mission" by Matthew Margeson

"Mission Impawsible" by Dominic Lewis

New Music for April 6, 2018:

"It Hears You" by Marco Beltrami

"Rising Pulse" by Marco Beltrami

"Whitewash" by Garth Stevenson

"She's Already Dead" by Garth Stevenson

"Aftermath" by Rodrigo Amarante

New Music for March 30, 2018:

"Real World Consequences" by Alan Silvestri

"This is Wrong" by Alan Silvestri

"Fight the Forest Giant" by Laurent Perez Del Mar

"Last Chance" by Laurent Perez Del Mar

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