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New Music for September 14, 2018:

“A Simple Favor” by Theodore Shapiro

"Three-Way” by Theodore Shapiro

“Nonviolent Offender” by Max Richter

“I Got Everything I Need” by Max Richter

“The Arrival” by Henry Jackman

New Music for September 7, 2018:

"Anything But Holy" by Abel Korzenioski

"Handmaid of God" by Abel Korzenioski

"Into the Abyss" by Abel Korzenioski

"Drive by Shooting" by Simon Franglen

"Car Jack" by Simon Franglen

"Let Me Die" by Simon Franglen

New Music for August 31, 2018:

"Air Control" by Alexandre Desplat

"To Isreal" by Alexandre Desplat

"Sorrow" by Alexandre Desplat

"Down the Aisle" by William Ross

"Frank Snoring" by William Ross

"Eli's Theme" by Mogwai

New Music for August 24, 2018:

"Cephale" by David Buckley

"Bande Noire" by David Buckley

"The Chase" by Ian Hultquist

"Flamethrower" by Ian Hultquist

New Music for August 17, 2018:

"Love Theme from Crazy Rich Asians" by Brian Tyler

"Arrival in Singapore" by Brian Tyler

"Overwatch Variation" by Jeff Russo

"Final Moves" by Jeff Russo

New Music for August 10, 2018:

"A New World" by Harry Gregson-Williams

"Jonas vs. Meg" by Harry Gregson-Williams

"Hatred at its Best" by Terence Blanchard

"No Cross Burning Tonight" by Terence Blanchard

"Mabel's True Family/Wake Up/Happy Paws" by Craig Wedren & Matt Novack

New Music for August 3, 2018:

"Did You Let Me Go?" by Geoff Zanelli & Jon Brion

"A Father of Very Little Brain" by Geoff Zanelli & Jon Brion

"Escape" by Benjamin Wallfisch

"Memories" by Benjamin Wallfisch

New Music for July 27, 2018:

"Change of Plan" by Lorne Balfe

"The Exchange" by Lorne Balfe

"Let There Be Dark" by Clint Mansell

"Train in New York" by Dustin O'Halloran

New Music for July 20, 2018:

"McCall's Return" by Harry Gregson-Williams

"Top of the Tower" by Harry Gregson-Williams

New Music for July 13, 2018:

"Dragon Tail/Grandpa Van Helsing" by Mark Mothersbaugh

"Capt. Erica/Coo-b-day" by Mark Mothersbaugh

"Will & Sarah" by Steve Jablonsky

"Reflections" by Steve Jablonsky

"Drawing Montage" by Danny Elfman
"12th Step" by Danny Elfman

"Redbluegreen" by Anna Meredith

New Music for July 6, 2018:

"It Ain't Over Until the Wasp Lady Stings" by Christophe Beck

"A Little Nudge" by Christophe Beck

"Anthropodie" by Christophe Beck

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