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Movie music for people who love movies

Welcome to Matt's Movie Trax, an Internet radio station dedicated to playing movie music.

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Hi, I'm Matt. It was back in 1977 and I had just finished watching Star Wars in the theater for the first time. What was born in that theater was a love for all things Star Wars. It also began my love of movie soundtracks and scores. Fast forward to 1990. I was working at an AM/FM radio station. The FM side was a beautiful music station that played instrumental versions of classic songs (along with a few vocal versions). My overnight shift left me ample time to be creative and one of the fruits of that creativeness was a once-a-week, one hour show called “Saturday Night with the Movies.” Zoom ahead to 2001 and an Adult Contemporary music station. Once again my creativity and love of movie music resulted in the two-hour Sunday night show, Matt Davis’ Movie Trax. In 2003, I left radio and moved into television and Matt the Movie Guy was born. But I still had a passion for movie music. In 2014, Matt’s Movie Trax hit the Internet. Movie music, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Movie music for people who love movies.

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